The indigenous Māori of New Zealand knew the secret of the waters that lie beneath the Waiwera Valley as taonga or treasure. For the Māori and for the World, fresh, pure water is the richest treasure and the essence of life.

Why Waiwera?

  • Drawn from the deep recesses of the South Pacific’s main geothermic aquifer – protected by the overlying impermeable layers and uncontaminated by air pollutants, Waiwera, literally translated as “Hot Water” remains some of the oldest and purest artesian water found in the world
  • High alkalinity of pH 8.5 supply added health benefits through natural occurring antioxidants to fight free radicals
  • Naturally low in sodium
  • Organically enriched with low concentrations of beneficial minerals and nutrients
  • Easily available Worldwide
  • Sleek , attractive style – Each 240 ml. bottle’s square base, is uniquely designed to fit perfectly within economy passenger tray set-up for a no spill, efficient and beautiful display
  • 100% recyclable
  • Halal certified

Why Waiwera?

Because when you’re thirsty, only pure, naturally-clean water, will quench your thirst

Add Some Style To Your Economy Class Tray Set UP

Specially Design For the Airlines Industry This Natural Low Sodium Water Will Reinsure The Well Being Of Your Passengers.

Bring Mother Nature Onboard