Roast Beef (#12574)
Beautifully marbled, hand-trimmed bottom round is simply rubbed with salt and black pepper before oven roasting.
Prosciutto (#12872)
Thinly sliced dry cured ham that is rubbed with salt and pepper, then aged in a series of rooms that represent the changing seasons in the mountains of Northern Italy.
Pepperoni (#12861)
Our classic natural pepperoni is made from from humanely raised pork and seasoned with a well-balanced blend of garlic and sweet paprika.
Pancetta (#12875)
Classic dry cured Italian bacon that is rolled up and allowed to develop unique flavors and aromas.
Soppressata (#12858)
A coarser ground, fermented and aged salami that is blended with wine and spices in a press to give a mild long slice perfect for sandwiches.
Organic Genoa Salami (#12656)
Our organic pork is slowly fermented and aged in cool salami rooms to give a complex, mild classic Italian flavor.
Organic Roast Beef (#674)
Beautifully marbled hand trimmed bottom round of 100% organic grass- fed beef is simply rubbed with salt and black pepper before oven roasting.
Organic Black Forest Ham (#670)
This German style ham is marinated with sweet spices and double smoked for a hearty flavor.
Organic Slow Cooked Ham(#12676)
This classic northern European style ham is slowly cooked to bring out its delicate flavor and tender texture.
Honey Ham (#12575)
Prepared with a honey and maple glaze, this ham is lightly smoked for a sweet, juicy delight.
Coppa (#12877)
Classic dry cured “heart of the shoulder.” Aged several months to give a naturally sweet flavor.