Honey + Apricot
Honey Plus is the perfect combination of New Zealand clover honey and fresh summer fruits – strawberry, cherry and apricot to be precise.

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Honey Plus combines the health benefits of honey with the goodness of real fruit. It’s spreadable, tastes great and is good for you.
Honey + Cherry
A natural source of carbohydrate, Honey Plus helps to boost energy levels and kick start your day. And being all natural, the best thing about it is that there are no added flavours, colours or preservatives and it’s also gluten free.
Fig & Mustard Spread
Guava Spread
Apricot Fruit Paste
Fruit Pastes are crafted in a range of tangy and intense flavours using real fruit and natural ingredients.
Cherry Fruit Paste
Designed to freshen and cleanse the palate, Fruit Pastes are the perfect accompaniment to cheese and make a wonderful addition to any antipasto selection.
Fig Fruit Paste
Open container and run a knife around the edge, loosening the Fruit Paste from the container. Using the tip of a knife gently prise the paste from the container and turn it out onto a serving platter.
Pear Fruit Paste
If you have a selection of cheese you may want to serve a range of fruit paste flavours to best match the cheeses. Fruit Paste is easy to slice so you can cut it to the desired serving size.
Plum Fruit Paste
Arrange a selection of crackers, cheeses and any other antipasto accompaniments around the Fruit Paste. Serve with a cheese knife for slicing both the fruit paste and cheese.
Pomegranate Fruit Paste
Rutherford & Meyer Fruit Pastes are also available in large 650g food service packs – ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels and airline catering.
Quince Fruit Paste

Fruit Paste contains only the named fruit e.g. quince fruit paste contains only quince fruit. Fruit Pastes are available in 6 wonderful flavours: Plum, Cherry, Fig, Apricot, Pear and Quince.