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Artichoke & Lemon Ravioli In Egg Dough
Developed as a custom order for one of our farmers’ market vendors, this ravioli is both light and refreshing. The combination of fresh artichoke and lemon is sure to be an absolute crowd favorite.
Asiago, Roasted Garlic & Fresh Basil Ravioli In Tumeric Egg Dough
We created this ravioli and its fresh exquisite flavor profile for a local Denver chef.
Black Bean & Red Pepper Ravioli In Cilantro Dough
This ravioli has always been popular with our restaurant trade and so we decided to introduce it as a stock product in 2006.
Cave-Aged Gorgonzola & Roasted Red Pepper Ravioli In Roasted Pepper Dough

We were able to source a wonderful cave-aged Gorgonzola from Italy that lends to the intense cheese flavor of this ravioli. The roasted red pepper parsley fleck dough makes for an absolutely beautiful plate presentation.

Cheese Large Tortelloni In Egg Dough
Our dedication to perfection can be experienced through this pasta. Take one bite of our exquisite five-cheese filling and you will see what we mean. You will be amazed by how much robust filling we pack into each tortelloni. Your taste buds will never let you go back to normal store bought pasta ever again!
Chile Verde & Cheddar Cheese Ravioli In Cilantro Chive Dough
This intense vegetarian ravioli is Pappardelle’s take on gourmet Mexican cuisine. Looking for a fun way to prepare it? Try pan or deep frying this ravioli rather than boiling it. The crisp outer dough makes for a fun culinary experience.
Chili Relleno & Pepper Jack Cheese Ravioli In Blue Corn, Southwest Red Chile & Yellow Corn Maze
If you like Southwestern fare, you’ll love this ravioli. Chocked full of poblano peppers and pepper jack cheese, this ravioli has a nice heat, but is not overly spicy.
Chocolate Halzenut Dessert Ravioli In Chocolate Dough
This ravioli is an example of can-do spirit and is a wonderful story of how we got started making ravioli.
Chopped Spinach & Four Cheese Ravioli In Parsley Fleck Dough
The combination of four cheeses and fresh spinach makes this ravioli a traditional Italian treat. This ravioli is absolutely one of our best selling restaurant items.
Four Cheese Large Torteloni In Whole Wheat Dough
We modified our cheese tortelloni slightly to create a hearty whole-wheat version. We hope you enjoy this subtle variation.
Garden Mint Pea Ravioli In Egg Dough
Developed for a five-star restaurant in Aspen, Colorado, this ravioli quickly became a hot ticket item. Almost overnight, it seemed that Coloradoans wanted the ability to mimic the gourmet restaurant’s menu in the comfort of their own kitchen. Give this ravioli a try and you will understand the craze.
Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese Ravioli With Herbes De Provence In Egg Dough
We sourced this amazing goat cheese from a local Boulder County dairy that has been handcrafting its recipes since 1989. We praise Val Landrum (the orignal creator of many of Haystack’s cheese), who is considered to be one of the best cheese makers in the world, for his dedication to his craft and creativity. Give yourself a treat and experience two of Colorado’s finest and award-winning delicacies. We hope you enjoy this “Taste of Colorado”.
Homestyle Cheese Ravioli In Egg Dough
If you ever have the pleasure to walk the narrow streets of Italy, you will find small corner cafes that serve hand-pressed cheese ravioli in thick egg dough.
Italian Style Buffalo Meat Ravioli In Egg Dough
Our goal with this ravioli was to create pasta reminiscent of good Italian sausage. The fennel and basil are particularly pronounced. We originally created this ravioli with soy instead of buffalo meat. We found the buffalo meat did a much better job of helping us achieve an Italian meatball approach.
Lobster Ravioli In Sweet Red Pepper Dough
Need we say more?! One of our earliest raviolis, the light reddish dough beautifully reminds you of the lobster’s shell.
Our Lobster Ravioli was served during a State Dinner at the White House in the early 1990’s. And over the years we have been a “regular” on the table at the Colorado Governor’s Mansion.
Mediterranean Spinach Ravioli With Tomato, Fennel & Feta In Spinach Parsley Fleck Dough
This ravioli contains the quintessential flavors of the Mediterranean. Serve with a bowl of olives and a loaf of crusty white bread for a perfect meal.
Mushroom Large Tortelloni With Portabella, Champignon, Porcini & Shitake Mushrooms In Egg Dough
Mushrooms on parade! We were able to source a wonderful portabella mushroom that lends to the intense mushroom flavor of this tort.
Mountain Asparagus Ravioli With Artichoke Hearts & Lemon In Spinach & Egg Doughs
This ravioli contains the quintessential flavors of the Mediterranean. Serve with a bowl of olives and a loaf of crusty white bread for a perfect meal.
Pecorino Toscano & Roasted Red Onion Ravioli In purple Onion & Egg Doughs
An Italian delicacy, Pecorino is a traditional cheese crafted from the finest sheep’s milk. The combination of Pecorino and roasted red onions creates an intense and decadent flavor profile.
Roasted Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Ravioli In Sun-Dried Tomato & Egg Chive Dough
The true flavors of Italy shine in this quintessential flavor pairing.
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