Chocolate & Orange Gemelli
Looking for pasta that is spooky delicious ? Our Chocolate & Orange Gemelliis the perfect Halloween pasta!
Calypso Blend
We were inspired by the flavors of the Caribbean when we created this lively pasta-perfect for a barbeque side dish on a hot summer night!
Basil Garlic Sea Shell
This is one of our most popular flavors in flat-cut, so we decided to make it available in sea shell. Works great in baked pasta dishes.
Chocolate & Raspberry Gemelli
After visiting a restaurant and enjoying their decadent chocolate brownies drizzled with raspberry sauce, one could not help but think, why not create chocolate and raspberry pasta ? Add some vanilla ice cream to this classic flavor combination and you have a unique gourmet dessert.
Fanciful Fruit Pasta
Toss this unique fruit pasta blend with seasonal fruit and a fresh lemon zest/yogurt sauce or a raspberry vinaigrette dressing for an exciting summer pasta salad. The citrus flavors were among Pappardelle’s earliest fresh flavored pasta creations. We wanted a red color to complement the others and originally tried grape – but it “bled” too much. We finally were able to source a raspberry that made a wonderful finish to this blend.
Chocolate Gemelli
The incredible popularity of our Dark Chocolate Linguine resulted in the creation of this short-cut pasta. Add a raspberry or caramel drizzle, and you you have just created a delectable gourmet dessert.
Garlic Chive Sea Shell
Like our very popular Garlic Chive Pappardelle, this short-cut pasta is infused with garlic and chive, creating pasta with lots of flavor and a spring-like presentation on the plate. The Sea Shell shape loves to hold on to the sauce.
Gourmet Five Pasta Blend
This was Pappardelle’s very first blend creation, circa 1993. Five flavors of pasta in four different shapes mingle nicely with your favorite sauces, making this a truly wonderful, garden-fresh pasta blend.
Extreme Habanero Radiatore
This pasta is…Hot! Hot! Hot! The extreme part of this pasta’s name is no joke. For those of you in search of spicy pasta, look no further. Like the peppers themselves, this pasta is bursting with flavor and sure to leave your mouth on fire.
Lemon Mint Penne
The subtle hint of lemon and mint makes for a light, refreshing meal. Looking for a fantastic summer salad? Try serving the pasta cold with an assortment of fresh summer vegetables.
Italian Pesto Blend
This blend creates the perfect Italian variety dish when tossed with spring vegetables, a hint of olive oil, and seasonings to taste. Very simple, and a true Italian specialty.
Pacific Rim Pasta Blend
Drizzled with toasted sesame oil this blend makes for a simple, yet delectable side dish. This blend was inspired during the Asian fusion wave of the 90’s. We originally tried lemon grass flavor, but found that even after pulverizing, the lemon grass filaments were long enough that they would bind up our dough machines. So we abandoned the lemon grass in favor of the lemon ginger.
Lemon Parsley Mafaldine
The shape of this pasta is what might draw you to it, but the delicate flavor combination of lemon and parsley will keep you coming back and asking for more! Exquisite with just a splash of olive oil and a few gratings of fresh Parmesan.
Porcini Mushroom Sea Shell
If you like our Porcini Mushroom Linguine, you’ll love these shells! Made with one of the most pungent and hauntingly flavored mushrooms, this pasta has the potential to be habit forming!
Southwestern Pasta Blend
A Southwestern sizzler with vibrant colors and flavors. Try adding black beans and scallions to this blend, then spice it up by tossing with your favorite brand of salsa and ranch-style dressing.
Tomato Basil Penne
This pasta combines two quintessential Italian flavors, creating an absolutely mouthwatering dish.
Tri-Colore Wheels
Originally designed for a younger audience, this classic pasta quickly became a favorite among all ages. The wheel shape loves to hold on to the sauce.
Whole Wheat Chipotle Lime Mafaldine
This pasta marries two irresistible flavors: smoky chipotle and tangy lime. When boiled, the flavors of this pasta radiate through your kitchen, stimulating almost all the senses.
Trumpet Herb Blend
This blend was created to accent some of the tastiest herbs of summer. We think you’ll agree that this blend is not only distinctly one of a kind, but also one of the freshest tasting pastas you’ll ever eat! Please know that the trumpet shape may cook a little quicker than our other blends.