Asian Orzo
A daring combination of forward-flavors that will thrill your taste-buds! This orzo was created as a “sister” to our Pacific Rim Blend, and was intended as a great complement to Asian stir-fry dishes.
Autum Harvest Orzo
Although we don’t guarantee it, we’ve heard that when people eat this orzo they can actually smell the turkey cooking. This essence-of-fall orzo is one not to miss.
Cubano Orzo
The traditional Cuban flavors of this orzo create an absolutely vibrant plate. This pasta is just as appealing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds.
Raimbow Orzo
This is a colorful, garden-fresh product that can be served year-round, either hot or cold. Mix it with diced garden vegetables, a hint of fresh basil, and vinaigrette dressing to create a delicious side dish for beef, chicken, or veal.
Southwest Orzo
These flavors are blended to result in a subtle, yet spicy, Southwestern-style pasta that retains its intense flavor when served either hot or cold.
Spicy Red Orzo Thai Curry orzo
Add international flare to a weeknight gourmet meal. This vibrant Thai dish is both fragrant and delicious, an absolute crowd pleaser for those in search of spicy pasta.
Sweet Potato Orzo
If you like sweet potato, you’ll love this orzo!
Whole Wheat Orzo
Due to customer demand, we took our increasingly popular whole wheat flat-cut and recreated it in an orzo shape. This hearty orzo makes a wonderful side dish and can carry nearly any flavor.
Lemon Garlic Orzo
This Mediterranean-inspired orzo makes the perfect accompaniment to grilled fish or chicken. We originally created this orzo at the request of one of our food service customers.
Supreme Orzo
Concentrated and intense is what this orzo is all about! If you like succulent, deep flavors, this is the orzo for you. The marriage of these flavors was originally requested by a local Denver chef. He certainly knew what he was doing as this has become a favorite Farmers’ market orzo.
Tuxedo Orzo
Unique and elegant, this “black-tie” orzo product blends black Calamari and Plain Semolina Orzo. Always a favorite as an accompaniment to seafood dishes. We originally created this orzo blend for a special New Year’s Eve banquet of a local caterer. His theme? All food served that night was dressed in “formal” black and white.